Globalization of Knowledge 知识全球化

General speaking, the Knowledge of ‘ globalization of Knowledge’ covers scientific, technological and cultural knowledge. China4Global uses it in a narrow sense, namely, transfer knowledge of Chinese social science and humanities into a global society.  To be process it consists of the following four parts:

1.Knowledge transfer and global transfer of knowledge

2. Chinese for social science

3. Public engagements

4. Global engagements

5. Global China Dialogue/Forum


一般来说, 知识全球化的“知识”包括科学,技术和文化知识。全球与中国视野将此用于狭义,即把中国的社会科学和人文科学的知识转化到全球社会来,具体说来包含以下4个部分:

1. 知识转化与知识的全球转化

2. 社科汉语

3. 公共参与

4. 全球参与

5. 全球中国对话